28 setembro 2009

Yagendoo City Sky is a pen and free-of-charge Joomla! Template licensed under GNU/GPL and thus openly available to everyone! The Joomla! Template distinguishes itself by its striking graphics and is perfectly suitable for any kind of web site.

The template features 2 parameters that serve to change the background on the one hand and to insert one's twitter URL on the other, the latter then being highlighted to direct the attention of your readers to your twitter account.

The Joomla! Template is completely free of tables, and each Joomla! standard component has been overwritten by overrides.

3 module styles and 8 module positions are available in the template, the design is programmed for variable breadths. Consequently, if a module position is not displayed, the part next to it will use the whole breadth.

The bundle also includes the PSD source files enabling you to adapt the design to your needs. If you like this extravagant design, go for it!

Live Demo: http://demo.yagendoo.com/joomla/?view=city_sky
More Detail: http://www.yagendoo.com/joomla/joomla-templates/city-sky.html#buy

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