13 abril 2012

ProJoom Deluxe Show v1.1.0
The versatile and flash module to display news, photos, portfolio, etc. with a variety of effects. The component has the ability to insert images (both local and external), insert descriptions, titles, internal and external links.
Support and creation of categories that will display different images on different pages of your site. Very easy to manage, the addition of a news rotator takes 5-10 seconds. Component Compatibility with Joomla! 1.5.x.

Key features of the component: 
Ability to change the size of the slide show
Simple management component
Dobavilenie images and assign them to categories
4 options open to the effects of “light box”
Full support for multi-language component JoomFish!
More than 20 different design options
Supporting characters in UTF-8
Unlimited number of images produced by
3 modes of operation (the output of a module, component, or just a folder)
100% compatible with any Joomla template
Demo: LINK

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