21 setembro 2009

Way Beyond v1.5.9   YooTheme Joomla Template
Yootheme Joomla! Template
Template Name: Way Beyond v1.5.8 | For Joomla 1.5.x | Live Demo | More Info

We proudly present our new template: Way Beyond! Our first template to come with overrides for the Joomla core. What does that mean?

It means that we got rid of Joomla’s tables. The whole content area is free of tables now, and we developed very neat CSS for our overrides, too. We did that to give you full control over the look of your website. Now you can easily style every part of your Joomla website with CSS. We rewrote all of Joomla’s core components and threw out a bunch of unnecessary code, so now your site will load faster as well.

Also we optimized our module framework. From now on you every styling you can apply via the module class suffix will work on any module position, no matter what kind of background that position has.

Our typography got polished, too. There are a couple of new elements like the drop caps you can put at the beginning of paragraphs and left and right insets to align your content more easily.

- IE8 detection fix (lib/php/yootools.php)

yt_way_beyond_v1.5.9 (6.46 MB)


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