24 setembro 2009

Flashden Calendar template

Flashden Calendar template
Source FLA - SWF | 8 MB
Web site template with portfolio driven by a calendar. Main features:

1 – Calendar driven portfolio;
2 – Supports images, flv video and swf’s on the portfolio section;
3 – Complete FLV player included;
4 – Detects external files size and characteristics and adapts content (border, video controls, load info, etc)
5 – MP3 player included;
6 – About us and services files included with content driven by XML or static. Dynamic scrollbar included;
7 – Contact file/form included (requires PHP on your web server);
8 – Drag and drop all content to your server and you are ready to go. All necessary HTML and embedding files are provided;

It requires MC Tween that you can get athttp://hosted.zeh.com.br/mctween/downloads.html

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