24 setembro 2009


Introduction to the Game Source

ARRR you good enough to compete against the other pirates? Shoot cannons at each other, build pirate towns, manage your troops and team up on the enemy to send him to Davey Jones locker.

Pirates of the Black Sea is a game where eventually hundreds of pirates, each with their own individual free will and lives, affect your city-building decisions and your ability to build and rule an pirate empire. You take control as the mayor of your newly founded pirate city and start out with nothing but a small amount of money and piece of land. Hopefully you’ll end up with a bustling pirate metropolis with great fun on the way there.

In Pirates of the Black Sea you control everything from your citzens moods to the funding and building of your constructions. But that isnt all. You have to fight or work together with other pirates to become the biggest empire there ever was. To do this you have to construct numerous types of buildings to fulfill citizens' needs in the areas of food, religion and numerous other areas is primarily how you'll accomplish this task. This way you can train your troops, fight and conquer the the Black Sea.

The original project is based on Devana. Whist many elements of the game remain similar to this projects much of the code, grafics and options are new. The offer we are selling right here is therefor not the game source but all the moddificated game options, game translations, new grafics, new game scripts, payment options by Paypal and Phone and lots more. Of course you will get also the whole package so you start your own online Strategy Game, an exact copy of the online demo, in a few minutes

A couple of the Game Features

Easy setup and Installation
No files need to be modified!
Special installation manual to install the source in a few minutes maximum!

Everything Is Automated!
Earn money while you'r sleeping! Payment options are automated. Build in payment options like PayPal and Phone Payments are build in so a member is credited automatically once he pays! You don't have to do anything!

All scripts are open to edit yourself!
We don't code our scripts so you can't edit them yourself. All or script are open so you can modificate your complete game source!

Easy to translate in your own language!
The whole source is build in easy to translate language files. This way you can translate the whole game without having problems to change the scripts. For example:

$lang['gameupgrade'] = "Game Upgrades for";
$lang['RemainingPoints'] = "Remaining Points";
$lang['Bonusactive'] = "Bonus active";
$lang['Remainingdays'] = "Remaining days";
$lang['Pointsneeded'] = "Points needed";

So if you like to change the word Game Upgrades for in something else like Gaming, you only have to change $lang['gameupgrade'] = "Game Upgrades for"; to $lang['gameupgrade'] = "Gaming";. This way you can change the original language to your own very quick and very easy!

Supporter Features

The source has over 120 Game options. This are some of the options
1. Create your own pirate towns anywhere you like on the map
2. Gain food at your farms, wood from trees, stone, ore and much more to upgrade and grow
3. Trade with other players or work together
4. Upgrade all your buildings for more game options
5. Build stores, weapon depots, hide resources for attacks and protect your pirate towns
6. Attack other players or help them fighting to the enemy
7. Chat with all players
8. Earn resources to build new buildings, weapons, defences and more
9. Build transports, cars, units to fight and lots of weapons
10. Start a alliance to work with other players
11. Buy VIP options and upgrade your account to get special options
12. Send ingame messages
13. Spy other islands and let your resort grow large
14. Administrator panel with lots of options to manage your full game
15. Delete players from your game
16. Change user levels
17. Give VIP points
18. Send messages to all players
19. Purchase credits. Ran out of wood, energy, water, money? Want to dominate? Buy some more options and troops
20. Create extra helping administrators so you can manage the game with friends
21. Lots of other game options. Check the demo to see them all!

Why to choose or RPG Games

1. Selling RPG Sources for over 5 years!

2. Our sources are the most advanced in the market

3. Updated all the time to fix options if needed. All updates are for free!

4. Support your own sources with administrator panel easy

5. Beautiful template designs

6. Quick and easy installation within a few minutes and manual

7. Affordable prices. Only $30 for each source

8. Build in payment options like paypal and phone payments for your players

9. Earn money while your away! Making money has never been that easy!

10. The best and biggest RPG Store Online!

1. PHP 4 or higher
2. MySQL 4 or higher
3. Cron (this comes in almost every hosting package for free)

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resim galery:http://rpgbunny.com/gallery/#/content/piratesoftheblacksea/a-login.jpg/

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