22 setembro 2009

Stage XML Website
/RIP version, no source .fla files/



* Deep linking support
* XML driven
* Fullscreen support
* 2 levels menu
* Logo is loaded as external image
* Well documented

Included modules:

* Banner rotator:
- Unlimited images
- Images and SWF support
- Lockable description
- Auto start/stop
- Global and local show time
* Content window(text page):
- Show multiple text pages within one page
- Full scroll bar
* Events calendar:
- Calendar supports Monday – Sunday and Sunday to Saturday layout
- Calendar can be navigated through months and years
- Each day can have unlimited amount of events
- Every day can have it’s own color
- Events text can be HTML /CSS formatted
* Contact form: Basic contact form with message, name and email (with validation)
* News page:
- Unlimited news
- HTML tags support
- Supports images and video as news media
* Image gallery
- Minimalistic image gallery. It can handle a lot of categories and a lot of images in them.
* Audio player:
- Unlimited amount of songs
- Starting volume is set in XML
- Auto start/stop playing
* Services page:
- HTML tags supported texts
- Show latest project from service type
- Service can have a title, description and latest project with title description and image(+Link)
* Video player:
- Space bar pauses/plays the video
- Player can play video at any size
- Player is H264 compatible

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