13 abril 2012

GK AppsPro Tech
Beautiful professional template for CMS Joomla – AppsPro Tech from well-known developer GavickPro. Template and many other patterns of the studio is made on the framework, and has a lot of Gavern built-in features thanks to the powerful functionality of the framework. The default template AppsPro Tech has three independent color processing design (orange, pink and blue theme).
Template GavickPro – AppsPro Tech has full support of the powerful stylistic component K2, besides the developers have prepared for our own error pages and offline, who also performed in the corporate style template. Template is perfect for creating a site to demonstrate any products. With the optional slide show, you can show visitors the most interesting products in your view the site.

Template Features AppsPro Tech:
Full support for CMS Joomla 2.5.x
Template created by Gavern Framework
3-color design theme (orange, pink and blue)
Support the library Mootools v1.3.2
Own System page, executed in the corporate style
More than 50 module positions
Support for mobility
Full support for directory component K2
Compression and file caching template
Control width of the modules
Beautiful typography for processing text, with optional plug-in
Support popular browsers
and more …

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