13 abril 2012

JA Puresite
Nice clean template Joomla – JA Puresite developer of the popular JoomlArt. This template has been created at the request of members of the club, who liked the previous free template – JA Elastica. New template Puresite has full support of the stylistic component of JA Comment, K2 component and a component of newsletters Acymailing.

Template JA Puresite is the best option to create any project. The template has been specially designed in bright colors and a minimalist style to opespechit as easy editing a template, the site owner. By default, the pattern has three color design, as well as bonus sistmenye pages that are made in the style of the template.
Features a template JA Puresite:
Template is made on the basis of T3 Framework 2
Support for Tablet and mobile devices (the default podderzhivaetya two modes: portrait and landscape)
5 different layout options (rubber, wide, normalnay, Tablet and Mobile)
Built-in functions control the size of the font, logo, and other functions
Easy and simple setup (defining the width of the contents of the block, the width of each module)
There are several styles to choose from a module
Fully compatible with the CMS Joomla 2.5.x
Browser support: IE7, Firefox 2, Safari 3, Chrome 8, Opera 9
Supports all mobile browsers
Built-in 4 different types of menus: (Split, CSS, Dropline menu, and Mega)
Dstroennaya font support Google
Built-in compression features CSS and Javascript files
and many other features …

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