25 outubro 2009

MediaMax Sharing Script | 2.4Mb(rar)
MediaMAX – Media Sharing Script ,Share Videos, Pictures and Audios
Complete Multilingual Support
multilingual support
MediaMAX is completely multilingual.
The script comes with english language . You can simply remove any you don’t want, or add new ones.
Add multiple new languages easily! All phrases are stored in a single file for each language, so you just need to add one file per language.
You can see a real live demo of this here.
MediaMAX – Recently Added Features
What’s New?
* Two New Flash Video Players!
New video players have been added, a light white and a dark black player. (View Players)
* Video Advertisements
Admins can now show pre-roll and post-roll video advertisements using the new players and new admin panel. The ads are clickable!
* New Admin Panel
100% New and feature filled Admin Panel added.
* Member Validation System
Admins now have more control over members and can manually approve all new members first.
* Static Pages with HTML – Admin Panel
Admins can now edit all the static pages of the script from the Admin Panel. HTML is now accepted.
* Update Notification System
Admin will now be notified in the Admin Panel when new script updates are released!
* Superior Video Conversion
Added support for new versions of the video conversion modules, you don’t have to use pre-historic software like other scripts.
Add-On Modules
* YouTube Single Video Embedder Module
* Multi-Server Module
* phpbb3 Forum Integration Module
View a list of all the main features here.

Download de Fonts
Jogos de Vídeo Game
Jogos PC

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