28 outubro 2009

Banner Gadget
Source FLA - SWF / 53Mb

Banner Gadget

This is a banner component that can display GIF , JPG, PNG , and SWF content and automatically advance through pages. It can show image or number buttons with optional image previews or reflections for each of the buttons. It is driven by an XML configuration file with more than 75 configuration options available. It comes with full documentation and a video.
Release 3 Features:
  • Added image buttons as a Selector option
  • Implemented a spin-style update fill for Selector buttons
  • Implemented reflections for Selector image buttons
  • Added support for cascading style sheets (CSS) in a text box
  • Implemented support for multiple overlays and text boxes per Page
  • Added 12 different styles of individual page transitions
  • Added additional alpha, color, and fill options to the XML configuration
  • Added an optional external link button from the bottom right corner of a text box
  • Implemented additional options for hiding the Selector and looping pages
  • Added support for individual margins in the Text Box
  • Fixed a couple of issues related to events being missed when a function would go out of scope
  • Fixed a graphical glitch when content was not yet loaded
  • Updated with general defect fixes
  • Updated and improved documentation content and style
  • Improved the documentation video
Release 2 Features:
  • Added an adjustable, per-page timer set via XML
  • The Selector Background and Preview Border color can now be set via XML
  • The Text corner dimensions can now be set via XML
  • Fixed an unhandled IO Error with the default Spinner
  • Fixed pause and paging buttons to honor button and selector color options
  • General updates to the code and readability
  • Added an extra configuration example
  • All Release 1 features
Release 1 Features:
  • Display GIF , JPG, PNG , and SWF files
  • Automatically advance between pages based on a second-based timer
  • Optionally display a limited number of pages
  • No fixed limit on the number of pages that can be displayed
  • Simple XML configuration file for common options
  • Easy to understand, implement, and modify
  • Video and Text Documentation
  • Professional code and full instructions to setup and integrate the component
  • Source ActionScript, FLA , and SWF Files
  • Component Usage Instructions, API Documentation, and Instructional Video
  • XML Configuration File (Default) and a secondary example file
Please leave feedback if you find the component useful or just want to suggest additional features.

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