22 outubro 2009

Dotcom Joomla Administrator Arrangement is architecture by Dotcom development Team for free, allows your site's administering breadth to accept a altered attending again the accepted Joomla template. It aswell allows you to add subtext to the Main Control console icons/links which can accord your users added advice about what they do.


download the zip book from this page and achieve it locally. The zip book contains 3 book that charge to be installed application the accepted Joomla Install page. Once the three zip files accept been installed to accredit the arrangement go to Extensions -> Arrangement Manager -> admin tab -> and baddest the dotcom arrangement as the absence template.

Download de Fonts
Jogos de Vídeo Game
Jogos PC

Faça rentável seu site!

download.png (400×150)
Entre neste link e baixem

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