22 outubro 2009

AdminPraise Lite is a cool failing Joomla! ambassador console template. Intelligent shortcuts, analytic placement, and customization amalgamate to accompany you a absolutely optimized Joomla! experience. More Inof: http://www.joomlapraise.com/free-joomla-templates/adminpraise-lite.php

Version 0.9.3 Beta - 10/08/09

* [fixed] Component adolescent hotlink image

* [fixed] CiviCRM card display

* [added] Option for aftereffect adolescent account hover

* [added] Active submenu style

* [added] Font admeasurement for tablature data

* [added] Minimum amplitude param

* [added] Aftereffect amplitude param

* [added] Morph Configurator styles

* [changed] Component account appearance to aforementioned as Component card acl

* [changed] Everyone can see cpanel bore position

Version 0.9 Beta - 8/21/09

* [Changed] Quick Icons to Tango Project Icons

* [Updated] Personal affair selection

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