28 junho 2010

Yootheme Joomla! Club Template
Template Name: Boro | Live Demo | For Joomla 1.5.x

You are searching for a more effective marketing solution to your high speed, reliable security and competitive price hosting and servers? Let’s make your profit increase at least 50% with the forth theme of a series of cool joomla template released in June by JoomlaVision.Com – JV Boro. JV Boro promises to give you interesting experiences with prominent advantages, especially our brand-new style of JV Headline, called JV Boro.

By now, you don’t have to worry any more about a large quantity of displayed contents on page, because scientific layout and smart color of JV Boro shall give your customers clear view.

Besides, JV Boro shall make you feel convenient with two effective modules such as JV Accordion Menu and specially JV Headline. JV Accordion menu is one of the best solutions to achieve comfort of menu, it supplies your professional websites with accordion menu with the sub-menus using unordered lists. And in order to satisfy different demands on JV Headline – one of the most downloaded modules of JoomlaVision.com, we have designed JV Boro. With JV Boro, your contents shall be displayed impressively at the same time via smooth slideshow and desired one shall be fully introduced when being hovered on.

Boro Full Package (9.84 MB)

JV Boro Quickstart package.zip
JV Boro Source Files.zip
JV Boro Template installation.zip


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