26 julho 2010

AV Arcade PRO v5.1.4 PHP Nulled
Online arcade games with new arcade games added! Play free online arcade games, action games, adventure games, sports games plus many more!
See the front of the site your users will experience and participate in.

See how easy it is to manage your arcade using AV Arcade Pro.
Admin demo:
AJAX Admin
Manage games, categories and more without reloading the page in a smooth AJAX interface. When adding a game you can enter a URL, select an uploaded file or upload a new file. Then, AV Arcade can automatically find the dimensions of the game.
The admin is best seen for yourself so check out the demo.
Mochi Integration
With mochi integration you can download games from mochi onto your site in one click. The game will automatically be added to your site with the correct dimensions and details such as description and instructions.
You can also generate revenue through the adverts displayed in these games.
User profiles & points
User profiles are built to make visitors want to come back to your site. Users can add favourite games and add details about themselves. As they use your site, they earn points for playing games, rating games and adding comments. This encourages plenty of user participation.
You can also generate revenue through the adverts displayed in these games.
Complete customizability
When creating a template for AV Arcade you have more control than any other arcade script. You can position almost anything anywhere. Want the comments to appear beside the game? The description below the comments? No problem. Want to showthe game ratings on the homepage? You can.
* Fixed add_comment.php so it cannot be easily refreshed to add points to a user
* Downloading a game via autopost will remove it from the feed in the admin
* Another new WYSIWYG editor due to the other missing some things
* SEO Links added to the RSS feed
* Fixed default avatar on the edit profile page
* Fixed links not working when they contain “&”
* Changed javascript variable name to make it compatible with various other scripts like jquery
* SEO Link added to full screen
Anonym’ed all links I could find. No more modified copyright. Nothing appears in the home page of the admin section now. Removed SQL entries for the license key saving you a tiny bit of space. Nothing else changed.
Follow the installation instructions on – folder/readme.txt

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