08 março 2011

Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator  amp  Image Viewer
Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator & Image Viewer | Demo

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As a Flash Developer I’ve built dozens of banner rotators for clients, and while taking their feedback into consideration and building off of past experiences I created this file the Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator & Image Viewer.

With this file I wanted to build a something that was more than just another banner rotator. It needed to incorporate good design, be versatile, and easy to use—that in mind the Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator offers 4 different actions (link, download, enlarge, and play a video), is 100% skin-able through XML , can load every file type you can throw at it (gif, png, swf, jpg), and has multiple navigation modes for further customization.

Whether you’re in need of a new banner rotator, want to showcase your latest video, or you’re looking for a way to present your latest portfolio the Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator & Image Viewer is a perfect solution.

XML Driven
Auto Play
Mouse Over pause rotation
Integrated video player
Multiple actions for each banner
Much much more


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