08 março 2011

Envision Resizable AS3 Deeplinking Template
Envision Resizable AS3 Deeplinking Template | Demo

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This template is resizable. It used SWFFit.js to resize the browser window and its scrollbar. Keep in mind that because the site uses an external interface to call the .js, you will have to first upload this template to your server before being able to view it in working order. This is because The flash player prevents any communication between it and external interfaces for security reasons.

Background Image
Changeable via xml
Set to Top Center or Top Left alignment
Load log via xml
Can be a .jpg or a .png
Main Menu
Two Levels ONLY
Customizable Colors
Set to load a swf or to link to an external URL
Music Player
XML Driven
Set song file path
Set song name
Set Colors via XML
Have a single song play repetitiously, or play multiple songs repetitiously
Set starting volume
Set autostart to true or false
Play/pause, previous, next buttons
Volume Adjustment
XML Driven
CSS driven too
Set colors via xml in html formatted text field
Allows the use of hypertext links in footer text
All pages in summary
XML Driven
Automatically Sets Website Height : NEWLY ADDED WITH FIRST UPDATE
Set Colors via xml
HTML Formatted Titles
HTML Formatted Text Fields
Change content via xml
For videos you can set aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9
Large Images in Image Gallery automatically resize to 1000 pixels wide while keep original aspect ratio


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