26 julho 2010

Forum Paid Pay Per Post Exchange v2 0
Forum Paid Pay Per Post Exchange v2.0
What exactly is Forum Pay Per Post Exchange?
The idea behind Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is similar to the Get Paid To (Surf or Read Emails) sites with a twist. If you understand the concept of running a web site that allows users to get paid for “doing something online”, Forum Pay Per PostExchange is our latest Get Paid To script that allows your users to get paid to post on forums. To find out more on how it works and how you as the site owner can make constant stream of revenues month after month, please check the details below.

Why will Forum Pay Per Post Exchange be a HIT?
Sites that offers “get paid to surf” or “get paid to read emails” are way over saturated with many competing sites that offer such programs.
Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is targeted at forum owners who wish to increase theirforum posts or forum traffic. This is ideal for site owners who run their online forums such as social networking sites, independent forum sites or any community or portals with a forum.
Info: http://www.alstrasoft.com/forum-pay-per-post-exchange.htm
Demo: http://www.blizsoft.com/forum/

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