28 junho 2010

iJoomla Magazine v4.0.1

Create a professional online magazine in minutes!

Whether you need to create an online magazine or just want to make Joomla a lot more powerful and useful, iJoomla Magazine is the ultimate solution.

Creating great content has always been key to building a successful website. But if you’ve ever tried to create a professional-looking online magazine using Joomla, you’ll know that getting the result you want can be difficult and frustrating.

It’s hard to control the layout on the home page, and almost impossible to get the professional look and feel you need to persuade your users to come back for more. That’s why we created “iJoomla Magazine.”

While big companies spend thousands to put online magazines together, you will be able to get the same professional look for a fraction of the price.

And it’s so easy! Within just minutes, you will be able to create complete magazine issues, choosing from 12 different layouts, placing both vertical and horizontal items on your home page.

When you invest in Joomla Magazine, you don’t just receive one of the best Joomla components ever created, you also get a bunch of valuable extra tools that will radically improve your user experience! And all for just $79.99.

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