21 março 2010

Foto Plazza   Horizontal Scrolling Joomla Design
TemplatePlazza Joomla! Club Template
Template Name: Foto Plazza | Live Demo | More Info | For Joomla 1.5.x
Foto Plazza is a template for your Joomla website with all the luxury of Joomla, polished by the ever creative Template Plazza’s enhancements.
This template is designed using ‘Horizontal Scrolling Design’ concept, which has become a web designtrend lately and also a good approach to achieve a creative look! So, this release will really suit your creative minds!
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Not only that, to boost your website performance, this release is also equipped with the TP Gallery extension; a fast-loading jquery image gallery with great effects!!
And, undoubtedly making this release exceptional than you can ever think, Foto Plazza is the first Template Plazza release to introduce the all-new-modern TP Framework 2 system.
This is an enhancement to the already enhanced TP Framework system, where you literally have a template inside a Joomla template, gives you a real freedom to determine what your website should really look like!!! This is really something you oughto try yourself, so join our membership plan and download it already
Foto Full Package (10.92 MB)

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