01 agosto 2010

Seo Booster PRO V1 7
Seo Booster PRO V1.7
SEO Booster PRO is a Dynamic SEO Plugin for WordPress that automates your blog by tracking, analyzing and utilizing the incoming searches from the search engines.
SEO Booster PRO automatically tracks your incoming visitors from Google, researches the current ranking of the keyword, and then starts promoting the best suited keywords, after installation, you don’t need to do anything else.

SEO Booster PRO will promote your web site to the search engines by detecting incoming traffic through Google; it attempts to boost the keywords most likely to achieve a higher ranking that is specific to each and every blog and article.
It does this by several neat tricks; it collects all the search terms your visitors has used to find your web site through Google and then it researches the current ranking of those keywords and starts promoting the best suited keywords for your blog.
We eat our own dog food by using SEO Booster PRO on all of our WordPress based web sites; so you know it perfectly safe to use.

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