01 agosto 2010

AB Theme Testing
AB Theme Testing
A visitor’s theme assignment is saved via a cookie and only changes when you disable the plugin or choose different themes to test. You can select any number of themes or theme variations to test.
It also creates a custom segment in Google Analytics for each theme visitors are assigned. The segment names will be of the format “Theme Test: THEMENAME” in Analytics.

You can then analyze browsing and buying behavior based upon the custom segments named after the themes selected for testing.
This plugin rotates themes to assign them evenly between visitors.
So, essentially you can upload two similar themes (or more) to your WordPress or WPMU site, and then show one theme to 50% of visitors and the other to the other 50%.
Then you can use the Google Analytics data you gather to determine which theme is more effective at, say, getting clicks on ads, or signing people up to email lists, or selling people plugins

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