23 agosto 2010

The Archer WordPress Video & Movie Player
It happens all the time. I go to a well designed website and there starring me back in the face is one of Adobe’s stock flash video players or worse an embedded YouTube video ruining the whole design. That’s why I built this video player—A custom stock video player that can blend with your design and be reused over and over.

I wanted to build something that I could upload to my site and use over and over again on my WordPress blog. By utilizing flashVars (variables defined in the embedding code) the file can be reused with different video files, formats, and made to be unique to each post or to each blog. Also, included is a robust help file to help get you embedded in WordPress or any web page for that fact. Plays any video codec Flash Player can play (h.264, flv, mp4, f4v, m4v, mov, etc).
If you’re looking for a video player that isn’t just a regular old stock player and looks amazing look no further.

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