04 fevereiro 2010

RokTwittie   Versatile Real Time Twitter
RocketTheme Joomla! Extensions
Template Name: RokTwittieLatest v0.9 | Live Demo | For Joomla 1.5.x

RokTwittie provides a means of transporting the various aspects of Twitter, such as your tweets, your profile information and plus much more, into your Joomla. Perfect for any site with a Social edge.

The configurability of the module is its best feature, allowing you to choose which aspects you wish to show which can result in a short, contracted module or a full page of tweets, searches and information. Tweak the Twittie to your liking.

NOTICE: If you experience the Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() error then you need to have CURL enabled on your server. You can ask your hosting provider to activate this.

RokTwittie   Versatile Real Time Twitter

List of Features
* Real Time Tweets: dynamic updates from Twitter for your tweets
* Search: use the inbuilt search to scan for usernames or keywords to show in RokTwittie
* Profile information: showcase your profile details, such as name, avatar and bio
* Fast Loading: the module has been built for speed and performance
* Highly configurable: with a fantastic amount of options, the module can be changed easily to your own personal preferences

As with almost all of our new extensions since January, RokTwittie is to be considered a standalone module. This means that it comes up with a default style and has been tested on a Joomla! default installation, so that you can install it in other templates and just make the desired CSS tweaks. For this article, I have RokTwittie installed in a default Joomla! 1.5 install, as the screenshot below shows. The screenshot has been split into three sections, of which each will be explaining further in the article.
Each of the three sections above is independent and can be enabled/disabled exclusively. For example, if you just want to show your latest 5 updates, you can easily disable the status and the search options.

RokTwittie first made an appearance with the June 2009 Joomla Template Release, the Refraction template. You can see its various configurations in action on the demo (link previous).

Downloads mod_roktwittie_v0.9.zip



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