18 fevereiro 2010

Hotel Plazza   February 2010 TemplatePlazza Template
TemplatePlazza Joomla! Premium Template
Template Name: Hotel | Live Demo | For Joomla 1.5.x

Hotel Plazza is a joomla template package meant for you to create a Hotel website. With beautiful design and great functionalities, you can make an awesome website to support your hotel business.

Hotel Plazza utilizes the Resto Plazza Component. This component has multiple functionalities. As shown in our January release, you can use it to build a Restaurant Website. Now in this February release, we show you how it can also be used to build a Hotel Website!

Not only the Component, the Design is also multifunction! If not used for Hotel Websites, it can also be used to build a Company Profile Websites, Portfolio websites, and more!

Hotel Plazza also comes with an additional function: The tpreservation plugin. This is an easy to use plugin so that your users can request reservations from your website.

And as always, we give you more than you ask. Hotel Plazza comes in packages of a component, a template, modules, plugins, and a Joomla QuickStart, and much more! Join our Club today, and download Hotel Plazza now!!

Hotel Full Package (10.40 MB)






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