04 fevereiro 2010

RokPad   Writing Joomla! Content never been this easy
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Template Name: RokPad v1.0 | Live Demo | For Joomla 1.5.x

RokPad was devised as a tool to provide an easy and elegant interface for editing Joomla content, to make it a pleasure, not a chore. Advanced functions such as an Ajax saving action, plus shortcut keys, are some ofthe incredible time saving features.

RokPad is perfect for anyone who prefers to avoid the WYSIWYG editors but still craves the richness of a code editor.

NOTICE: RokPad is not compatible with IE6.

Summary Features
* Code Highlighter built on the great CodeMirror
* Support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Mixed HTML (HTML + JS + CSS) and Mixed PHP (HTML + JS + CSS + PHP) syntax highlight
* Ajax save and Automatic Save options. You’ll never loose your content again, nor wait until the page has finished reloading after a save!
* Save, Undo, Redo, Indentation, Goto line, Search, Search & Replace, HTML Tidy, Full Screen, Flash Settings like Tabs Unit, Tabs Mode, show/hide Lines number.
* Statusbar showing the most important notifications
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Brackets match
* Highlight of unclosed tags
* And much more!

NOTICE: RokPad is NOT a WYSIWYG editor but rather a text / code editor with many advanced features such as syntax highlighting

RokPad was created to meet the demands of the Team, a tool unrestricted by the limitations of the WYSIWYG editors, and something more advanced than simply using None. RokPad provides an medium for this, a balance between a useful interface and the unrestricted approach of code view. We at RocketTheme proudly build our content with RokPad.




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