01 junho 2010

Link Cloack 1.0   Profit generating WordPress plugins
Link Cloack 1.0 – Profit generating WordPress plug-in
Dramatically increase your profits and save time.
If you’re like me, you enjoy blogging but you also like to make some money doing it. You probably know thataffiliate programs are great way to generate income. Creating all those links is very time consuming. Even worse – today’s savvy web surfers avoid clicking on affiliate links!
Which do you think more people will click on?
How exactly will it increase YOUR blog profits?
1. More clicks on your links by using real links, not affiliate links
2. Automaticlly create thousands of keyword links instantly
3. Easily manages all your links in one place
4. Stops affiliate thieves from stealing your content and links
5. Improves your SEO by removing affiliate links that are penalized by Google
Links can be disguised with any extension or no extension at all
* www.yoursite.com/affiliate-link.html
* www.yoursite.com/affiliate-link.php
* http://www.yoursite.com/affiliate-li…andomextension
* www.yoursite.com/affiliate-link/

Make the links fit in with your content, and appear to be just another part of your site!
Create aliases for keywords that all have the same rule. For example, you could make it so the phrases “Blog App”, “Blog Software” and “Blogging Software” all have the same redirection properties without a new rule for each keyword.
Replacement limits so only X amount of keywords are replaced in each post
Easily backup and restore configuration files, allowing for you to share and transfer your redirection rules.
Quickly customize the appearance and style of your affiliate links – either blend them with your other links or make them stand out!
Migrate from your old method of cloaking affiliate links with the press of a button!
Compatible with WordPress version 2.5 and 2.3
Requires PHP on your server (don’t worry, 99.9% of all web servers have this)
100% compatible with Google AdSense and other types of contextual advertising.
Rad More
por: R$ 125.00
ou 18x de R$ 10.00

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