03 junho 2010

Webmap+ v1.5.0   Joomla Extensions
Webmap+ v1.5.0 – Joomla Extensions
Webmap+ is a Google Maps component for your Joomla! website that allows you to post multiple locations on one map. This Joomla! extension has the option of selection specific business locations where custom highlighted attributes of that location can be seen on the map itself or link to a webpage specific to that location. Webmap+ is a great user friendly map tool for businesses to incorporate as an extension to their Joomla! website that will help customers search for addresses , phone numbers and the closet business location.

Version 1.5.0 – 10/19/2009
* Various Bug Fixes
* Added Custom Street View (Pano)
* Added HTML Link attribute type
* Added Static Directions
* Added Search Frontend View
* Added Support for new WMP module
* Removed requirement of Address 1 and City
* Fixed manual coordinate bug on save
* Fixed regression of old NA location picture

por: R$ 125.00
ou 18x de R$ 10.00

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