26 maio 2010

JomSocial 1.7.10   Social Networking for Joomla
JomSocial 1.7.10
JomSocial 1.7.10 is available for public beta testing. This is another milestone in JomSocial development to bring more features, stability, security and ease of use to our users.

There are a lot of new improvement including event management, vanity url, profile video and many more. We have also improved overall user interface including applications reordering, better photo management, wall post commenting and more content control over the site.
They can keep listing the features all day long but why don’t you experience it yourself? Check out the newly launched http://people.joomla.org which is developed by JomSocial team based on the latest beta build. Besides, it is a good place to socialize with like-minded people.
The development process has given us many insights on the good and the bad in implementing JomSocial for a big, live site and They believe such experience will translate to a more refined release of JomSocial.
JomSocial 1.7.10 Beta is now available exclusively to their active subscribers in Development Forum.

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