30 maio 2010

The Furniture Store   WordPress eCommerce Shop
The Furniture Store – WordPress eCommerce Shop

The Furniture Store WordPress Theme
Another Flexible eCommerce theme!
Designed especially for online shops The Furniture Store features a plugin free localized
ecommerce system, a membership area, creating and saving a wishlist, an informative customer
service area, unique „Shop by…“ widgets, lots of independent widget ready areas and sooo much
Please check the screenshots for a detailed feature tour!
Theme Requirements
• php5
• GD Library for the image resizing script
• Webserver operating system Unix, Linux (no Windows Server please)
• Ecomerce solutions in general require more performance, you are running a shop so you
need some power behind it and not to forget that your goal is to get many, many visitors, so
choose a decent hosting package.
Features in brief ( well, not really!)
Main Optional Sections
• Shopping Cart (disable if you want to use the theme as a product showcase (eg. Catalog)
• Membership Area (disable if not needed)
• Blog (create only when required)
Translation Ready
• Localized theme (parent and child themes) and theme options
• Solid, clear and well commented-out code
• Detailed Help files
SEO / Performance
• SEO Optimized Indexing to avoid Duplicate Content
• SEO Optimized:
• Header Titles
• Heading Tags (proper use of H1, H2, etc)
• Meta Descriptions
• Meta Keywords
• javascript files loaded only when needed
• WP-Pagenavi integrated
• Styles for cformsII included
• Cufon font replacement
Images / Video
• Custom Image resizing script (not TimThumb! but still requires the GD library)
• Product images are uploaded using WordPress’ media uploader from within the product
post. Upload as many or as few as you like.
• Products may have more than one images and these can display as image thumbnails or
numbered thumbs.
• Choose the Effect you’d like on the Product Images when on Single View
• Embed (self-hosted or hosted on 3rd party sites) Video / Audio Samples using the
Theme’s Custom Video Shortcodes.
Widgets and Widget ready Areas
• Upto 27 Independent Widget Ready Sections that collapse when not in use.
• 19 Custom Widgets featuring:
• “Shop by Outfit”,
• “Shop by Size”,
• “Shop by Colour”,
• “Shop by Fit”
• “Shop by Brand”,
• “Shop by Selection”,
• “Shop by Style”,
• “Shop by Price” widgets with an intelligent way of taging your products (custom
Flexible Layout and Various Element Options
• A Flexible Front Page with a Large Flexible Feature Area.
• Showcase
• all your Shop main categories,
• selected categories or
• individual products!
• Choose 1 of 3 different effects
• Select between a large widget ready footer or a small one.
• Optional Front Page Sidebar with easy to change positioning (left or right aligned)
• Flexible product display (choose the number of display columns, customize the display
order and set their appearance: with teaser below image or not)
• A collapsible area of Related products appears dynamically bellow the product’s images on
the single view.
• Enable or disable comments
• Optional Tell a Friend, Print, Share and Subscribe links on single product pages
Navigation / Orientation / Usability
• Practical navigation elements contribute to user orientation and better usability.
• Optional Page-Category Hybrid Main Navigation
• Vertical (foldable) Category Display – ideal for large number of categories
• Sidebar that can be floated to the left or to the right with just a click of a button
• Subpages are dynamically detected and appear in the sidebar (if any are found)
• Optional Blog Section
• styles for threaded comments (if enabled),
• seperated comments and trackbacks (appear in animated dropdown),
• styled admin comments
• custom Avatar for users with no Avatar!
2 common sense security precautions already hooked in just for you
• Hiden login page error feedback
• Hiden WordPress version number
Preventing Spam:
• A useful little function to deny Comment Posting to No Referrer Requests
Ecommerce Features:
Products: Set using posts that you can categorize, tag etc.
Types of products you may add:
• Tangible regular products
• Tangible products with selectable options
• Tangible products with price affecting selectable options
• Digital products with or without Licence keys, self-hosted or Payloadz hosted, with or
without download expiration date.
• Affiliate products (either in combination with your own products or only affiliate products)
Product Personalization: Optionally add any number of textareas and/or text input fields for
product personalization.
Optional Related Products: Utilizing a combination of WordPress’ excellent category, tag and
custom taxonomy systems.
Shop modes – more to come…
• Regular mode: Takes customer to a payment gateway
• Inquiry mode: Sends Shopping Cart contents as email inquiry to merchant
• Affiliate mode: transforms your shop to one selling ONLY affiliate products.
• PayLoadz mode: for Payloadz hosted digital goods. You still have the option to self-host
your digital goods if desired
Shop Currencies – all available currencies
Inventory Management and Low-Stock eMail Alerts – Easily keep track of product stock. Define
seperate stock amounts for each product variation (size, colour etc)
Manage Coupon /Voucher Codes
• Choose between a Specific Amount or Percentage-Based Amount,
• Single Use or Multiple Use (Reseller)
• Generate a PDF with your coupons/vouchers for printing
• Upload your own Custom Background Image for the Printable Vouchers (PSD Template
• Manage Vouchers- keep track of what is used and when
• Manage your Resellers
„Real“ Frontend* customer Login/Registration (not required for purchasing
*do your customers really need to see your WordPress backend?
Protected Customer Account Area. Where registered Customer may
• Change their email and password
• Save their Billing Information (not credit card numbers) for faster checkouts
• „Create and Save“ a Wishlist
Manage Registered Customers
Payment options (available now)
• PayPal Payments Standard
• PayPal Payments Pro
• Authorize.net
• WorldPay
• Bank Transfer
• Cash on Location
• Cash on delivery
• more to come…
• Ship Internationally or only Nationwide
• 6 different shipping calculation methods (available now)
• Free: what it says. Shipping is free regardless of item number or weight
• Flat: a one time fee applied regardless of item number or weight
• Flat Limit: same as FLAT above with the only difference that for orders above a
certain value shipping is free
• Weight Flat: a set fee amount per kilogramm
• Weight Class: a different fee amount applied to different weight classes.
• Per Item: a fee applied according to how many items are in the cart
• more to come…
• Delivery
• Pick Up
• Direct Download or Email Delivery (for Digital Products)
International Address Formats:
Formatted after the UPU, Universal Postal Union guidelines
What this means is that the address format on step 2 of the checkout process auto-adjusts to the
required address format for the selected country
Notification Emails send to merchant:
• New Order
• New Pending Payment Order
• Cleared Pending Transaction
• New Inquiry
• Low Stock
• Low Licence Keys
• New Registered Member
Emails send to Customers:
• Order Confirmation & Shipping Notification
• Inquiry Confirmation
• New Member Welcome
• Password Reset
• Printable „Bill“ document that your customers can get after an order has gone
through. In PDF Format and for some languages in printable HTML format.
• Google Maps link to your shop
Order Management:
• View details for each received order:
• When
• Shipping Address / Delivery Address
• Order Total / Details
• Chosen Payment Option
• Chosen Delivery Option
• Customer’s Custom Note to Order / Product Personalization
• Manualy send emails to individual customers (for Pending Orders etc)
• Print Order Invoices
• View PayPal Transaction ID’s
• Change the status of each order (for better management and clearer overview) from “Newly
Received” to:
• In Process
• Shipped
• Completed
• View Sales Statistics
• Manage Google Adsence and Google Analytics
Admin Backend Screenshots
Due to the amount of screenshots I could not include then all so feel free to request the Theme
Options Screenshots. I will then email them to you all zipped up

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