04 janeiro 2010

XML Web Template
source FLA / XML / SWF / 8.8 Mb

* Horizontal XML Menu
* Unlimited Menu items and long text write
* Menu color change too easy
* XML Vertical Scroll and HTML Text Support(About Us page)
* XML mp3 Player Unlimited mp3 file records
* FullScreen Mode
* Page and site preloading
* XML Contact Form (PHP)

Banner Rotator Module
*Don’t Need Adobe Flash
* Banner Width and Height change
* Flash Player in banner X and Y Location Change
* Numbers X and Y Location Change
* Items alpha and color values change
* Description Text Location(up or down) Select
* Delay Time and Auto Play Change
*Unlimited Banner Items , .swf and images file open

Image Gallery Module
* XML File in set image width and height
* XML in change Thumbs image location big image left,right,up,down
* Unlimited image file
* Image info text automatic big image width and height size and HTML code support
* Big Image Height Vertical image scroll-Thumbs images location left and right
* Big Image Width Horizontal image scroll- Thumbs images location up and down
* Preloading image


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