23 janeiro 2010

Drop Down Tree Menu V3
source FLA / XML / SWF / 3.1 Mb

The Drop Down Tree Menu V3 is a flash component designed to help you load a tree menu
structure in an drop-down fashion. This is a major upgrade to the Drop Down Menu Pro,
featuring multi-level menus (more than 2-level), high level of skinning and customization,
horizontal and vertical orientation, alpha and blur transitions, and of course custom
tweening options.
The Drop Down Tree Menu V3 is suitable for multi-level (3+) drop-down menus that can be
built in Flash. If you need a 2-level drop-down menu (main menu and 1 submenu level only)
than you can purchase the Drop Down Menu V3 component instead.
However you can use the Drop Down Tree Menu V3 to build 1-level or 2-level menus too.

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