13 novembro 2010

Prominence   WordPress Marketing Portfolio Theme
ThemeForest Premium WordPress Theme
Theme Name: Prominence | Live Demo
All, a new update has been approved which adds the contact page sidebar styling, as well as archives styling (left out of the upload I submitted originally, my apologies), as well as a couple basic bug fixes.
Also, I check my email and comments religiously during the day and although support is not required, I will bend over backwards to help you get things working – I generally respond within 24 hours, but usually within only a few hours if during the day. Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything!

Prominence is the WordPress version of the popular HTML theme, and is a clean and fresh design geared towards portfolio/marketing, although the layout can be used in many different contexts
If you’d like to browse the documentation you can view it here
Also, if you’d like to simply ‘import’ the dummy content I have in the live preview you can grab it from here . Simply grab the XML file and use the ‘Tools’->‘Import’ option in the WordPress backend. However, keep in mind that you will have to add your own images as these will not come over
  • Threaded/Nested comments
  • Custom comments styling (modified default markup through callback)
  • Custom fully functional contact template page with form validation
  • 4 Color Schemes
  • JQuery Color Scheme switcher (can disable in admin panel)
  • 4 Custom page templates (Home, Portfolio, Services, Contact)
  • Home page slider controlled via posts
  • Many different layout options
  • Variety of content presentation options
  • Active navigation for pages
  • Sprite buttons (work, quote, services)
  • Pagenavi plugin integrated
  • Unitpngfix applied for ie transparency
  • Javascript tabs/slider controlled via custom fields
  • Dynamic post thumbnail resizing with timthumb on multiple sections
  • Form validation via Jquery
  • Widget enabled
  • Elements styling
  • Tableless design
  • Tons of admin options including the ability to turn off and on multiple elements (see screenshot)
  • Robust/detailed html setup and general information guide
Whats in included
  • All WordPress theme files
  • Fully sliced and layerd PSD files for all layouts and colors
  • Very detaild setup guide

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