20 outubro 2010

YooTheme Free Halloween Icon Set
YooTheme Freebie Icons Files (Halloween + Social Bookmarks Icon Set)
Trick or Treat! Say Hello to Geek Zombie, Ninja Ghost, Cheshire Cat and a creepy pumpkin
Be prepared, when the scariest time in the year comes: Halloween. Our brand new free Halloween icon set includes 4 handcrafted icons: Watch out for the Geek Zombie! When he crosses the street with his weird glasses and his iPad you can only do one thing: run. Otherwise you will end up like him and we do not think it will be a pleasure. The Ninja Ghost is the kind of buddy who you don´t want to have in front of your door, even if you have enough candy. The Cheshire Cat looks very cute, but only on first sight. Behind the friendly eyes and smile hides a creature which is anything but nice. Last but not least we have our classic Halloween pumpkin, which looks very scary. Of course this little fellow must not be missing during Halloween.

This free icon set contains 4 high quality icons in 32-bit transparency PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16×16 to 512×512 pixels. This makes 32 extremely detailed icons which are handmade and optimized for each specific size. The set also includes vector PDF files of all icons that are compatible with Adobe Illustrator and can be rescaled to any size without a single loss to the details.

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