04 abril 2010

Thesis v1.7   DIYthemes Premium Wordpress Theme
Thesis v1.7 – DIYthemes Premium Wordpress Theme
Theme Name: Thesis v1.7 | Live Demo | More Info
Thesis 1.7 Brings New Functionality That Improves Your Site Immediately!
* Seriously, there are like 1M changes.
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Hooo boy… I’ve gotta say—this is the most excited I’ve ever been for a Thesis release. On the technical side of things, I rewrote a significant portion of the software to add functionality and increase efficiency at every turn. From a practical standpoint, Thesis 1.7 is noticeably faster, far more comprehensive, and way more detailed than previous versions. In other words, it’s pretty doggone slick.
But the best thing about Thesis 1.7? That honor may go to the new Options Manager, which not only allows you to backup your Thesis settings, but also gives you the ability to share settings with friends! Skin developers will be especially keen on this new functionality, as it will allow them to distribute recommended design options without having to create long-winded and highly technical installation tutorials.
At any rate, the list of changes in Thesis 1.7 is long (but awesome), so if you’re ready to get started, dive right in!

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