04 fevereiro 2010

RokStories   Easy to Use Dynamic Featured Content
RocketTheme Joomla! Extensions
Template Name: RokStories v1.4 | Live Demo

RokStories is a great module to display your articles and accompanying images as a featured item. Themodule itself is facilitated by Mootools to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing featured articles or image on your site.
RokStories provides a vast assortment of configuration options and parameters to give you more control over how your dynamic content is displayed as well as providing a lightweight and fast loading experience.

NOTE: RokStories is compatible with the K2 extension.
K2 is a content construction component which allows you to create custom content types in your Joomla Site. The component drastically expands the power and functionality of Joomla content. Download from K2.JoomlaWorks.gr

———– 1.4 Release [24-Jan-2010] ———– 11. 12.20-Jan-2010 Djamil Legato 13.# Sample Data is now tied to the DB prefix of choice and not to “jos_” only 14.# Various IE6 and IE7 CSS fixes 15.+ Added new “Linked Titles” option that allows to link the articles titles. 16.# Fixed issue with linked images where “&”s weren’t converted to “&”.

Summary Features
* Content Transition: The module transitions through content items, whether they are full text, a single image or combination of both.
* Article Controls: Advanced selectors for content, choose from categories, sections and authors and control the order.
* Customisable Opacity: Thumbnails can be set from transparent to opaque
* Navigation Interactions: Parameters to set whether to change news by clicking or hovering over the thumbnails
* K2 Support: Fully compatible with the powerful content constructive component K2.
* Standalone Styling: Inbuilt theme allows the module to be used on any site.




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