04 fevereiro 2010

Joomla Multisite Component   Jms2Win 1.2.8
Joomla Component | Jms2Win | Jms Multi Site 1.2.8 | Size(3.6 MB)

Jms Multisites for joomla! allows multiple sites to have their own joomla configuration file (db connection) using the same joomla! environment. In other words, JMS shares the same Joomla! files and folders on the disk (PHP code) but use specific DB connection to store the websites’s specific contents.

With benefit of Jms Multisite for joomla! you can create unlimited number of websites using the same PHP code. The content of each website is stored by Joomla! into a DB. JMS uses the domain or sub-domain or sub-directory name to retreive the appropriate DB configuration corresponding to each website and therefore keep the content of each website totally independent.



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