29 agosto 2009


- Eco Handbag Magento Theme
- Live Demo


* SEO Mods: Main page content appears before the Column, Footer & Header blocks.
* Lightweight CSS Menu: Root categories listed in the header (as above).
* Site-wide Footer Links:: Specify links to the various areas of your site (as below).
* Designed using Magento version 1.1.6.

How To Use

* Unzip the downloaded archive (download below).
* Copy extracted files in to your store directory structure.
* Navigate to the Magento admin panel (ie.www.mydomain.com/admin), then the Design configuration tab (System » Configuration » Design tab).
* Select the name of your website from the (Current Configuration Scope) dropdown.
* In Default (under Themes heading), enter eco_fashion and click save config.
* Remember to disable page caching (System » Cache Management) whilst testing!
* Have fun!

download.png (400×150)

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